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Interviews. Questions, everytime the same, were asked to three people, from the same generation, same nationality, living in Nuuk. Questions about identity and the country ‘s independance.
The three voices are leading the installation’s space, with a projection of subtitles, like credits at the end of
a movie, or like a teleprompter.
There was also three LED signs with a text loop, bearing fragmented questions. And a picture of a mute flag, taken during the campaign for the election of a new parliament, in Nuuk, in 2018.
Six answers and one unanswered question, photograph on aluminium, lamp, three LED signs, video, speakers. Recorded sound realized with Dennis Møller, lmmaker, in Nuuk en 2018. Multimedia installation, at the Château de Servières, in Marseille, 2021.
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