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Royal Talens
Golden Colours
Old Holland
Being drowned in places resonances and their range of activities. A company international reach and it’s sequels, or what does it means to go through the process of establishing a whole network of storytelling, production lines and fictional personas in search of more competitiveness? do we need tales and stories to build something real?

A set of seven QR codes linked to seven videos, like seven overviews of one’s company like a story character, and a sound installation in a elevator, as to bring the people into the absurdity of these fake rivalries, and fictional relationships.

To prospect or/and to expect : videos. 7 QRcodes- videos, 1-3 min, Shanghai, 2019.

To prospect or/and to expect: elevator music. Sound, 15''25, elevator, 4m2, Shanghai, 2019.
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