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The sound of 1940's mute plates on sticks, F9 (1/9) 2021

With Alexis, we told ourselves stories about archives, that were in fact digital. We built a narrative from screen to screen, from reflections on a plate and
spaces like empty boxes, making space for the muted words we don’t show.

we’re seeing these objects like a drawings in a picture book, listening to sound made from silent animations.
F9(1/9) .Three metallic rods, metallic cylinder, plastic plateau, video (1’24) on a phone and a notepad, sound (1’32) on a pocket media player, plastic white box, mirror 20 x 29 cm.

Video Installation made with Alexis Chrun, exhibition Floating I at In Plano, 2021.

Photo credits: In_Plano

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