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Exhibition view at the Atelier Saegher, Brussels, 2021.

This video is about being inside a stream of constant movements, suspended, at the crossroads, between several places. To be lost among the crowd, and finally being one with the other bodies in the same place. On the differences, those staying like a mark on the skin.
All along the video an abstract story is told, leaning on the much more physical reality of geographical limits, between conflicts and crossways. The video is part of a larger sequence of works about the airport as the most in-between place, when the time waiting for your gate to open is how the body is feeling the border. By waiting. Closing doors, paper checks, identity bans, in a wild politic dance to control bodies and their courses on land. Can you go? Can you stay? Nowadays, the border corporation made itself domestic, shattering every square meter. Revealing itself for what it always was, always will be: a political tool, rearranging the masses for the power sitting on top.

By a hair, like breathing, video, 7mn, 2021.
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