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I was thinking about movements and directions, like a panel of ways in waiting.

An airport, a train station are this kind of places, where everyone can be meeting each other destination without ever crossing ways. The nature of every public place, really, just highlighted by it’s functions, dedicated to people who are never staying. With a never ending, never disturbed flow, even for silent disruptions. Waiting in a airport is almost like cloaking yourself, camouflages in the middle of people similar to you, even without any goal, just to be here, reading.
The displacement is in the camera, a plane like a mail to another space, where you are an object to be watched, in a soundless way. Like a picture, the recording is not staying either, it’s just briefly passing through screens like windows, like the ones with arrivals and departures lines.
First element of a performance serie called Airport Session, Zaventem airport, Bruxelles, 21 mn, 15/05/2020.
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