2019-2020: Part of the post-diploma research program Offshore, in Shanghai, with Paul Devautour.

2019:  Master diploma, obtained with the jury's honours, at the National Art  College of Bourges (ENSA), Art department.


2017 : Bachelor diploma, obtained at the Haute école des Arts du Rhin, Art department.


2014 : Graduation of a Two years diploma in environmental and set design at the College of art, design and fashion Duperré, Paris.



2021 : Collective exhibition ‘‘La Relève: Habiter’’, at the Château de Servières in Marseille, organised by the art organization Plateforme Parallèle.

2021 : Collective exhibition ‘‘The Truth is Elsewhere’’ (Curated by Samuel Dangel)  within the Art event the Regionale 21, at the Kunsthaus L6, Freiburg (DE).

2020 : Collective exhibition  ‘‘100 + 100 ≠ 400’’ (Curated by Gerda Maise) within the Art event the Regionale 21, at FABRIKculture, Hégenheim, France.

2020 : Collective event «Passif Office», performance Airport session#1, 1016 Dingxi Road, Shanghai, China.
Online event on


2020 : Collective event «HYPERTIME», in a former civil defence works basement, Xianxia Road, Shanghai, China.

2019 : Collective exhibition "Relocation" in the colours factory Marie's, Shanghai, China.

2019 : Collective exhibition " Ailleurs si j'y suis" in the art space the Chateau d'eau, within the festival ''Bourges contemporain'' in Bourges.

2018 : Collective exhibition " AFTER: " in the co-working place/ coffeeshop/ bookshop "Lis Thé Ratures", Boulogne-billancourt (92)


2017 : Collective exhibition/ performance night "Crossfade", the 22/03/2017. Espace culturel Gantner, Belfort area.


2017 : Collective exhibition "Exhibition", art center the Kunsthalle, Mulhouse, from the 13th to the 17th of january.


2016 :  Collective  exhibition "Wasserspiele", in the Wiese natural park, in Basel(Switzerland). It was organized by the international exhibition of urbanism and architecture IBA Basel 2020. The exhibition took place from september to november 2016.


2016 : Member of a curatoring team and exhibiting in the event "Yeah, I’m A Curator", from the 13th to the 15th of may, Motoco, Mulhouse. (68)


2014 : Took part in the collective exhibition "The Body Under All It Stitches" in the Carreau du temple, Paris 3rd, with the partnership between Duperré and the architect of the building.

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________At the end, whatever we choose to move or to stay in the same places, we’re always projecting ourselves on our environment_____________as if we’re building our identities as we’re building a territory, with facts and fictions. In land ownership_______in conflit for it_____or in the displacement and migration from one place  to another, which is often re-built as a copy of the starting point____________________on every ground the goal sets. 


Displaced elements.

From their lands, by choice or by obligation.

Suspended______________________in waiting_________ between several groups, with differents heritages. Being only observers of lands and customs beyond any reach.

On the memory of lost grounds __________________________________________drown in the veins of the outofcontext individual, still persisting on the next generation_____

Until becoming a myth, ensured by the fantasy of what is believed to be lost. 

Video interview for the Mondes Multiples Festival, organised  the art centre l'Antrepeaux, in Bourges: Link

Video interview for the collective exhibition "La Relève: Habiter", at the Château de Servières in Marseille, organised by Plateforme Parallèle: Link




TRAJICIO is an artist collective created by Charlotte Chicot and maeline Li in 2017.


TRAJICIO is a Latin word, meaning shooting across, passing/getting through, transferring from one point to another one. We are a collective leading a research, within artistic and visual forms, on migrations, movements, frontiers and crossways meetings points.

TRAJICIO is a starting place, to a network of investigations and quests on human, cultural and geographic territories.

Charlotte's website :