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______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________At the end, whatever we choose to move or to stay in the same places, we’re always projecting ourselves on our environment_____________as if we’re building our identities as we’re building a territory, with facts and fictions. In land ownership_______in conflit for it_____or in the displacement and migration from one place  to another, which is often re-built as a copy of the starting point____________________on every ground the goal sets. 


Displaced elements.

From their lands, by choice or by obligation.

Suspended______________________in waiting_________ between several groups, with differents heritages. Being only observers of lands and customs beyond any reach.

On the memory of lost grounds __________________________________________drown in the veins of the outofcontext individual, still persisting on the next generation_____

Until becoming a myth, ensured by the fantasy of what is believed to be lost. 


Video interview for the Mondes Multiples Festival, organised  the art centre l'Antrepeaux, in Bourges: Link

Video interview for the collective exhibition "La Relève: Habiter", at the Château de Servières in Marseille, organised by Plateforme Parallèle: Link



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